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Events occur every four to five weeks as downloadable updates for the game. When this is completed, a new Location, Case, and Avatars are revealed, along with changes to the city layout.

Current Event Info
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Previous Events and Interesting Information
How Events Work
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The event location will require special entry items to be able to play the game there. These are new with each event. Players are given a few to start with but then must acquire more by playing any other location throughout the city, including any games. Higher level locations offer more entry items per play but, also cost more in energy. Players must decide for themselves what is most beneficial.

SpringTalisman.png FlutteringFairyKey.png SecurityBadgeSmall.png

Playing the event location will provide special tokens to play the event bonus mini-games, stars for opening gifts and secret hidden objects. All of these are new and usable for only the current event. The players receive more of each of these per play as they progress higher in rank for the event location.

Special hidden objects appear at the third visit of the first rank of the event location. The search screen will show an icon for them in the upper left corner and the notification at the bottom of the scene will tell you to search for the appropriate number of Hidden Items and Special Hidden Objects for whatever rank is being played. Each event has a whole new variety of items in the Curiosity Shop where these can be spent.

RivAb SecretHiddenItem.png SunTer SecretHiddenItem.png FogB SecretHiddenItem.png

High rank, previous event locations may occasionally still require the special entry items that were needed during their own event. These "former" entry items may only be available from limited locations which would be listed when you click on them from the location's search screen.

Special rewards will be given or made available from opening gifts, spending secret hidden objects and meeting various event goals.

At the end of an event, the entry items are usually converted to Skeleton Keys unless they are needed to enter the previous location in the next event. If not used, other event items -- Stars, Gifts, Hidden Keys, Event Mini-Game Prizes, etc -- will simply be "lost".

The gift box will only show a maximum of 100 gifts, however players can still accept gifts from friends and they will appear inside the gift box.

Previous Events

2022 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Mystery of Masks South Fort Guises of Evil April 30 - May 26
Unwanted Talent Easter Veranda Mystery of Willow Beasts April 3 - April 29
Flame of Eternal Feelings Bamboo Grove Following the Lanterns March 7 - April 2
Gourmet Bait Moroccan Café Secret of the Perfect Taste February 7 - March 6
Legend of Mountain Peaks Tiger's Spring Path of the Guardian of the Earth January 3 - February 6

2021 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Stolen Wish Cozy Mezzanine Last Dance of the Blizzard 1 December 2021 - 2 January 2022
Fateful Prediction Feast Garden Crime at the Wedding 3 November - 30 November
Invitation to Eternity Hall of Departure At the Gates of Fate 1 October - 2 November
Treasure of Dark Depths Crystal Mine Call of the City Dungeons 6 September - 30 September
Grand Show Traveling Circus The Perfect Crime 10 August - 5 September
Violet's Game Negotiation Room Playing to Live 15 July - 9 August
Statues' Silent Story Palace of Muses Petrified Mystery 19 June - 14 July
Inherited Mystery Old Cottage Guest from the Past 24 May - 18 June
Web of Dreams Foggy Oasis Dreamweaver 26 April - 23 May
Alchemy of Spring Mezzanine Spring as Valuable as Gold 29 March - 25 April
What Masks Hide Blooming Quarter While Cherry Trees Still Bloom 1 March - 28 March
Time of the Golden Ox Sun Pavilion Legend of the Sun 1 February - 28 February
Ghosts of Stone's Antiques Antique Store Antique Dealer's Curse 4 January - 31 January

2020 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Christmas Miracle Miracle Fair True Magic 2 December 2020 - 3 January 2021
Family Secret Bonmarito Villa Enchanted Happiness 2 November - 1 December
Night of Immortals River of Oblivion Bloody Moon's Glow 1 October - 1 November
Crown of the White Pawn Citadel Double Game 7 September - 30 September
Silver Screen Mystery Movie Theater Movie Captivity 10 August - 6 September
Black Cat's Curse Compartment No. 8 Time for Luck 14 July - 9 August
Light Through the Fog Architect's Gardens Answers to All Questions 17 June - 13 July
Deal with the Shadow Hidden Row Foggy Plan 25 May - 16 June
Legends of Abandoned Streets Foggy Backstreet Wanderers In The Fog 23 April - 20 May
Spring Robbery Sunny Terrace Story of the Dryad Key 26 March - 22 April
Song of Cherry Blossoms Riverside Abode The Strongest Bonds 27th February - 25th March
Ruby Buttons Mystery Atelier Delamode Another's Soul 30th January - 26th February
Path To Other Worlds Moon Gate Guests of the Moon Gate 2nd January - 29th January

2019 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Christmas Ball Ice Palace Blizzard Song 3 December 2019 - 1 January 2020
Endless Journey Golden Daisies Alley I'll Return by November 4 November - 1 December
In Fear's Grip Halls of Samhain The Scariest Fairy Tale 3 October - 3 November
Through the Fog Airship Dock Unexpected Guests 2 September - 29 September
Treasure of the Sands Palace of Wishes Price of a Wish 5 August - 1 September
Dance of Shadows Ballet Academy Dangerous Ballet 1 July 2019 - 4 August
Prisoners of Talent Summer Theater Stage My Beautiful Mary 29 May - 30 June
Mystical Tournament Red Rose Cafe High Stakes Game 29 April - 26 May
Spring Mysteries Easter Picnic Spring Wedding 1 April - 28 April
Cherry Blossoms and the Crane Tea House Origami Dream 8 March - 31 March
Bell of Souls Witches' Abode Martha's Secret 11 February - 7th March
Master of the Storm Pagoda of Legends Mystery of the Pagoda 2 January - 10 February

2018 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Heart of Winter Polar Quarter Northern Saga

4 December 2018 - 1 January 2019

Five Autumn Wonders Autumn Valley Autumn's Herald 5 November - 30 November
World's Clock Jack's Tower Through the Darkness 1 October - 4 November
Autumn Starfall Observatory Stars in the Fog 1 September - 30 September
Glass Trap Greenhouse Bird and Witchcraft 31 July - 31 August
Hunting for The Medium Manor House Gate Martha's Murky Story 1 July - 30 July
Lost Masterpiece Italian Patio Spellbound Pastoral 4 June - 30 June
Rise of the Scarlet Star Secret Room Dark Side of the Secret 30 April - 27 May
Way of Perfection Japanese Garden Trial of Perfection 2 April - 29 April
Spring Winds Mansion by the Canal Spring Mystery 4 March - 1 April
Elemental Master Emperor's Palace Legend of the Cradle 5 February - 3 March
Mystery of the Crashed Plane Crash Site A Bold Infiltration 2 January - 4 February

2017 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Mystery of the Christmas School Christmas School Christmas Talent 3 December 2017 - 1 January 2018
Thanksgiving Day Secret Thanksgiving Fair Where Wishes Lead 6 November - 30 November
Perfect Halloween Masquerade Ball Love Uniting Two Worlds 9 October - 5 November
Ghostly Dance Enchanted Ball Dance with Ghosts 6 September - 3 October
Mysterious Voyage Pier Campaign for Success 9 August - 5 September
Summer Detective Angela's Park Hiding place story 3 July - 30 July
Medium's Secret Room of Fate Keys to the Past 9 June - Day Month
Master of Time Laboratory Secret of Time 12 May - Day Month
Tree of Life Market Tree of Life Keeper 24 March 2017 - Day Month
Legend of the Dragon Temple The Shangri-La Temple 21 February 2017 - Day Month
Theater of Shadows Rapture Theater Phantom of the Theater 11 January 2017 - Day Month

2016 Events[]

Event name Event location Related Case Timeline
Tale of Fire and Snow Santa's Workshop Workshop of Wonders 12 December 2016 - 12 January 2017
Mystery of the Ghost Train Station Ghost Train 4 November - 1 December 2016
Halloween Keepers Castle Gate Halloween Keeper 4 October - 2 November 2016
Endless Summer The Hotel Secrets of Love 2 September - 3 October 2016
Secret of the Yard of Forgotten Toys Yard Doll Story 1 August - 1 September 2016
Mysterious Disappearance Bedroom Paying for the Past 17 June - 15 July 2016
Spirit of Spring Bridge Spring Equinox 28 March - 29 April 2016
Great Heart Gift Shop Icy Shackles 2 January - 1 February 2016

2015 Events[]

Event Name Event Location Related Case Timeline
Christmas Ball Christmas Hall Christmas Crime 1 December 2015 - 1 January 2016
Headless Horseman Haunted Park All Hallows' Eve 1 October - 1 November 2015
The Mystery of the 5 Seas Pirate Treasure The Pirates' Riddle 1 September - 1 October 2015
Interesting Information


  • Mystery of the 5 Seas event was in September 2015, it was the first event of the game. Its location was Pirate Treasure. Players at the time earned a special totem for completing it.
  • All event locations unlock at level 10 and cost 10 event entry items to unlock
  • The energy requirements listed for events go up as your personal level rises
  • A Location's Rank does not affect the amount of event entry keys it will provide
  • There are special event monsters that can be found floating about that drop coins, energy, or very rarely event keys


  • Some of the event dates are only an estimate
  • If any info is not correct please comment below and tell us!
  • If you are able to fill in any of the blanks, please do so!


This is how events used to look before the change in 2020 where the totem was replaced by the Curiosity Shop which gives a Daily Gift. The Event/Five Star Achievements was introduced in 2019.



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